Allahabad SSB interview experience

Hi everyone,

Allahabad SSB :-17 Jan to 22 Jan 2010.

In this blog i am going to share my experiences at allahabad 11 SSB board. These five days (5+7 for medical) were a great fun.We were the absentee batch as most of the people did not arrive on their first call .Though I  received  the first call but that time due to preparation of my air force exam ,i was not able to attend the first one.I was not happy with my decision of  not attending the SSB.One day i was thinking that i have done a mistake by leaving  my chance and then i prayed to god ,do whatever is good for me.When i got up after my nap, i was surprised to see that my mom had my absentee call letter in her hands.I was very happy to see that and i accepted it as a golden chance given to me by god.

We arrived at the Allahabad station very late from the time given  to us because of the train delay.So we were not provided with the bus service and we managed at our own to reach SSB selection center EAST.When we reached there,girls were already gathered in the hall for filling up the documents,which we fill on our arrival.(including PIQ,TA DA,and many more.)Then we went to our line area were blankets were provided and we were done for the day.After our dinner,we went early to sleep after a short introduction to other candidates who came there for the interview.

In the evening we had briefing about what will be expected from us in the place and next morning we had our screening test.

DAY 01:-

The screening test comprised of verbal and non verbal aptitude test and also picture perception test and a group discussion on its basis. In the picture perception test(known as PP and DT), we were shown a very blur image and we had to write a story on it and conditions on what led to that situation and what will happen in the future.

The intelligence test is a short and simple paper where you need to use some brains and quickness.Our first paper was of 25 min and second was of 17 min.I did well in both of them.

Then in the picture shown to us i was able to see a girl standing with a big chart paper in front of her(which i assumed as a survey chart paper)(others said it a dead body covered with white bedsheet)and a boy standing nearby her.So we got different perceptions of the same i made the story that there was a traffic police officer who  was recently posted in a  new area and she came to know about the increase in road accidents .So she decided to run a programme in which people would be made more aware regarding the traffic rules.She along with her subordinates took various steps and she was able to decrease the accidents.Various people made different stories..the assumed her as an architecture,engineer and many other ideas…

Then we had a GD and we had to boil down to one story and finally it was agreed that their was a girl who planned to run a pepole awareness programme regarding golbal warming.The GD was good and we had a healthy dissucion with good points.I was satisfied with my performance and was expecting good results.The results came out at 2pm after our lunch.Out of 93 girls,25 were screened in and rest has to leave on that day.We were given chest numbers and my chest number was 12. Next  day again early in the morning we were called up for next set of tests.We took our bags and went back to line area.I remember the words of a GTO sir ,”dont be very happy,ye to sirf trailor tha,puri film to abhi baaki hai”It means that you have just cleared the first step,whole selection process in front of you. Now we had more time to know about each other.We talked to our friends who were left and we went out in the evening.We were allowed to visit the city during our stay,but we have to be back in our selection area by 5pm.At night after chit chatting.we slept quite late at 11:30pm.We were provided with “fauji balack kambal”,the temperature was very low and it was bitter cold there.Anyways we had a good sleep with the thought that we are not sent back on the very first day.

DAY :-2

Now it a important day as the tests are starting today.We were given breakfast at 6:30am and the biggest punishment was to get so early in the morning in chilling cold.But we all went for the breakfast and after that we have to gather in the hall at 8:00am.We were ready and reached the hall at 7:50am.Now we were shown 12 more pictures including one blank picture.I wrote 12 stories and it was really tiring.Picture is shown for 30 sec and story should be written  with in 3 min.Then comes the 60 words ,we were told to write down the first sentence coming to our mind from that word.Then 10 mins break was given to us.After that we settled down again and now we have SRT Test that is situation reaction test.There were 120 SRTS which we have to do in 30 mins. Last is SD self description test,write what your parents think about you,your teachers,friends,and you yourself. I thought that i performed well in every test and i was satisfied with my performance.

When we went to our line area(living area)after our lunch,we were told till chest no 12,interview will be conducted. so now i was ready for my second battle.My time for interview was 4:20m.So at 2:00pm,i slept(somehow i was not able to sleep due to the excitement of interview,but i took rest so that i can feel fresh.).After taking a nap,i got up and took bath.I was ready for the interview in white suit,blue pajami and white sweater.Overall i think i was looking smart becuase it would create my first impression on the interviewer.I went into the are of interview room and there was a waiting hall where i was asked to sit. When i went in room it was empty,only with the postures saying “DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU”and i was saying “YES I HAVE IT IN ME AND I WILL PROVE IT” .There was a T.V in the room and peon uncle asked “beta T.V dekh lo”but i said thank you uncle but i dont want to.  Then i started chanting the gayatri mantra,as it would help me to be more calm in interview.THEN comes my turn,i went into the room,wished the sir sitting in a big chair.He asked me to sit down and my interview started with The first question which was asked to me was”your dad was in army ,which palces you have visited,what you like about army and the difficulties faced.” I answered the question satisfactorily and then he started the RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS(which means a series of questions all asked together )He asked me about my family,education,subjects in graduation,friends.He put questions like if i make you education minister,what reforms you would like to make in our education system,ranks of army,why i do meditation,from where i learnt it,what type of friends i avoid,my schedule,about my pocket money,to whom i am close.Then he came to the G.K section,this is something i am really bad at.He asked me about srilanka,china,wars India has fought,about nepal P.M.I answered 3 questions and was not able to answer 2 questions.At last he asked me about my strength and weakness.I told him truly that i m  not very good at G.K and i am trying hard to improve on it.This was the interview,i was o.k. with my interview ,but not very satisfied because i was not able to answer 2 G.K questions.But i would like to share that i never said anything false there,everything i spoke was 100% true,that was the biggest satisfaction to me.

Then i came back to my line area and it was 5:30Pm,so all friends were back from out pass.They asked mre about my interview.We had lots of fun at the canteen area.I wrote this 1st SSB interview experience  in my diary at night.


On third day we got up late and we were not able to have our breakfast.So we had some choclates,and managed from them only.We were asked to move to the GTO ground where a no. of tests were waiting for us.Our first exercise was two group disscussions.The topic for the first one was based on our law system followed by second one based on girls in defence forces.Here friends,I would like to advise you dont speak too much or very less.Whenever you speak give a strong point.
Our next activity was GPE,that is group planning exercise in which we were given 4 problems which we have to solve in the given time period.Five minutes are given to write down yiur sol. on a paper.Then there would be a GD to find out the best sol.After that GTO sir will ask one person to stand up and narrate the the whole group and in my group I gave the common sol.
GOR that is group obstacle race.It was the most wonderful activity in the whole SSB in which your group has to run with a snake(made from a stuff like jute bag).We have to choose a war cry and complete the obstacles as soon as possible without breaking the rules.
Our next activity was PGT which is progressive group task.With the help of helping material you have to cross all the obstacles.You must give workable ideas and help the group as much as possible.then we had HGT,half group task,in which the group will be divided into half and then we  have to find solutions for the obstacle.
Next was IO that is individual obsticles.I enjoyed doing it and i completed all.While doing obstacles please do not bring any sign of fear on your face.
We were very tired as lots of activities were conducted on this day.We had our lunch and then we went to roam in the city.


It was the last day for our activities so we started with the LECTURETTE in which you have to speak on the topic for three min.When i got my card,i selected to speak on “role of media “.I spoke confidently for 3 min.our next task was CT,command task in which you will be the commander of the task and your sub-ordinates will work according to your instructions.make sure that other friends will call you as subortinates,it shows how many friends did you made.Our last task was FGT  which is final group task.
At night we saw the movie”WANTED” of salman khan and we really enjoyed that .

DAY :-5
The final day of judgement is conference .So we were ready in the morning in the best dress as you will meet the whole board under the same roof.We were ready and we went to the hall.After that the conference started and when i went,i felt very nice as to see so many officers in dress was a great pleasure.They asked me questions regarding my stay over there and any suggestions.I answered well.
THE GREATEST happiness was that ,when it was asked from one of my friends that who all are your good friends and why ,mention them.She took my name and said that she is very helpful,cooperative and jolly natured.Another girl was asked that what did you learn from your friends she said that from chest no 12 i learnt how to chill out everytime.
I was happy that i made so good friends in such a short span of time.After some time the result of the conference was declared and 7 girls got recommended.Luckily ,i was one of them.

So this was my SSb experience,after that our medical started,in which they found a  stone in my gall bladder.I went for an operation and i m o.k. now.Then my Merit list came ..From the 7 selected girls,i was the only one who was in merit list,as vacanices are only 7.So finally i am joining OTA in APR 2010…


Lemme know if u liked the blog ,, only a thanku will work ! Any improvement s pls let me know.


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  1. Very well explained.Mine will be on this 15th of AFSB.
    This had help me well.
    Thank You.
    Must u perform well in your training also.

  2. I apppreciate the efforts that you have taken for othe people’s well bieng. my hats off to you & bestof luck for your career. youer experiences would certainly be of use to me in my interview on this 22nd of april at banglore.

  3. I apppreciate the efforts that you have taken for othe people’s well bieng. my hats off to you & bestof luck for your career. youer experiences would certainly be of use to me in my interview on this 22nd of april at banglore.
    Thanks once again.

  4. thanks a lot!!!!!!!
    i have read your blog, you won’t believe its has been rocking, as its accelerate my speed on way to IMA as well. i m undergraduate, and cant hold the time to take actions at u mentioned above that they had found a gall bladder in ur stomach and u op rationed it latter. then i want to know that,was it not treat as a medical unfit object at ur first time medical fitness test?

    i have six nails on myleft foot,its right that i have five fingers as common. but the little finger of my left foot, contains two nails that means one extra nail on that particular finger and it looks like some fatter, then other right foot’s little finger. i wanna know how it will treat in medical test.will i be decleared as unfit person???????? or any way???

    1. Hi ,

      first of all good luck for ur let me clear ur myths…ur first query is that i was not treated as unfit after first medical test.Yes,i was unfit but once if u r unfit for the first time.They give u duration for 45 days to cure the problem.So i get operated with in 45 days and reported to the command hospital.

      Regarding your 6 nails ,i really dont know,but i am leaving for academy tomorrow,i will ask a medical officer there n let u know.

      The difficult u mentioned abt the sports and ncc,its not important to participate..u can tell them truly the conditions over there.they understand it.but start playing a game even at ur home,learn the rules from book or will help u..if are not good in sports and extra activities,its o.k. but please work alot on ur communication skills because thats the most important.
      I can see that u have written so well here…so keep working hard..u will make the dream of your parents true.
      My GOOd wishes are always wid u..

      Anita Rajput.

  5. i haven’t NCC certificate nor any extra co-curricular activities likes games or social works, due to lack of opportunities. i belongs to a remote area of Jharkhand so i m pursuing a Bsc. degree from a rural university,where all aboves are not easy to survive. it may be a reason to rejection on my ssb?. my parent have a dream to stick two stars on my shoulders. and i want to do it for my parent ANY HOW

  6. Thanks!!! i am very pleased to know that you will inquire further there from doctors for me.
    ONCE AGAIN THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    you know you did remove a 100kg stone from my you mentioned above that you are leaving your native place for join OTA,than will u be able to continue ur blogging ?

    i request u please keep it continue..



    i have got bliss to know that you will inquire further there from doctors for my problem.

    you are leaving tomorrow for OTA. i wish you have a great time there. will you continue your blogging?

    me and my family will remain Graceful for u ever. THANKS a lot

  8. i have read a article over internet,in which it had been described that “if u got success to clear ur GD,then no doubt u will make a bang at your ssb”
    is it true???

    wht was the topic for ur lecturette????

  9. thank you very much for share you experience
    Now ,I have question that
    Is it compulsory to give your Interview or GD in English .May I give it in Hindi

  10. Thanks for sharing.
    I have a few questions.
    Were you the one leading your team during group tasks?
    Were you always looking straight to the interviewer`s eyes during intrw?

  11. hi mam,
    i jus got qualified 4ssb..was worried wat2do n wat after readin ur blog,it soothed me n gave me confidence…thanx bt can u plz tell me exactly wat kinda phy tasks r given..
    waitin4ur reply on my mail id…

  12. hii
    congrates u got selected in the first go…….
    i have my interview on 15 may….i wanted to kno wt are the individual tasks they’ll be giving and the GD and Lecturer topics……….
    plz reply

  13. Hello ma’am,
    Thank you so much for posting your experiences. it is great to have a first-hand narrative from a lady officer ๐Ÿ™‚ the optimism in you oozes out of every sentence you have written. it has been a big lesson for me.
    hope you are rockin the academy ๐Ÿ™‚ and i hope to join you in uniform soon.
    Jai Hind

  14. thanks a lot for sharing ur experience of was really helpful
    i am going for my ssb at allahabad on 18th july, cud u please help me with PP&DT and TAT…as what kind of stories r v supposed to write? i’ve read from various sources as to start them with gloomy past and happy endings…is it true? also help me with preparation for the interview. what kind of questions are asked about the army? my email id is…….also write hw was ur trng at ota..

  15. hey it’s really a g8 narration of experience.

    well i want to ask regarding their selection procedure which i have heard is changed recently. this time they came to our college.then a common center was declared for all. at that very place i along with ma frds appeared for g.d. around 12 of us were selected for personal interview. after interview they stated that a merit list will be made at delhi center and then all of you will be informed for the mains call. but till when one can accept any call letter from their side?? i along with ma frds appeared 4 it on october 21 2011…
    can u plz help???

  16. it might sound odd…but over the days since i cracked afcat written..most of my frnz have been making fun of me as far as the medical goes…could u plzz elaborate on the medical…what all happens there ?
    do tel me whether for girls medical, we have male or female doctors ?

  17. I m attending my SSB interview in a couple of days and your about SSB descriptions has boosted my morale. Thank you so much for the lovely description. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. hello maam can you please guide me what to pack in by bag, coz i am not getting any hint on the sports uniform for girls…

  19. Hi Iam RENU SHUKLA going to facethe ssb for the first and last time in bangolore I DOn”t know what will happen pls wish me luck

  20. thanx for ur wonderfull xplanation……….i have recieved my interview letter to attend ssb process frm aug 1st.but some r saying it will be very hard to girls after selection n evn during ths ssb plz vl u reply to me wheather can i attend it r not and also if i attend will my parents can accomodate in the near by place of our camp area…..

  21. Hi,read ur blog,very inspiring………i want some information ……i got call for regular batch but could not report bcoz of my exams,absentee date was also mentioned in d call letter…….i wanna know whether we have to tell them d reason of not cming in regular batch prior to going in absentee batch or dis is not required?plz help me………….

  22. hi exp about is so well explained that while reading i felt as if i was there with u and experienced your state. After reading my morale is really boosted up …
    Thank You

    I have a query I have received a call letter but my only problem is i have knock knees is there any chance of my appearing and qualifying
    Please do tell me

  23. Hi
    I am gargi i have received a SSB call letter for interview
    my problem is i have knock knee i never ever faced problem
    in running, walking so i wanted to know is there any chance
    of my consideration

    plz do reply me if possible

    Thank you
    With Regards:

  24. dear im a mother writing.thanks a lot. my daughter has just appeared for her ssb but was not selectd .how i wish she should had seen ds b4 attending…all bad fate …now she is totally down…beta can you pl tell me how she has to apply for her next ?she wants to appear again and ds time she was selected through her college campus interview..will they be called again? or she has to apply? if called ,then will she be going again to allahabad for 2rd time….she was told in ssb b4 leaving next batch is going to be in dec , but how to apply now for it pl… when the next call will come?im also worried pl make me clear…congrats beta…,thanks

    1. hello aunty
      thanku so much that u liked my blog…ur daughter can apply thru CDSE examination held every year in aug and feb…look for the same in employment news paper and fill the soon as she will clear exam she will get her interview letter..its nt necessary that she will get it for allahabad..there are 3 centres that is bhopal ,allahabad and banglore.she can get a call for any where..
      all the best n do well always

  25. hi…i got recommended for indian navy,but coudn’t able to clear my medicals,r&& gave me rejection and had not attended the madeical conference(i did not know at that time).
    now the problem has been cured,so i can apply now..??

    kindly reply,

    with Warm regards,

    Ravinder singh

  26. Hello,
    my ssb is gonna be done with in few days @ Allahabad & after reading yours i feel confident .Thanx for giving such a lovely description. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. hey, u said u attend absentee batch, i m also unable to attend primary batch due to job, so i want to attend absentee batch, did they require written reason to prove why u didnt attend primary batch call

  28. wow… congrats.. thnks a ton for ur info.. i hav cleard AFCAT and i dnt knw ssb date. i am also shortlisted for army ssb but its in bhopal :(:( i never new tat absentees will be calld again.. i am glad dat u are healthy nw.
    I wanted 1 info.. U knw for Aeronautical engg in IAF they ask us if we hav studied 8 of mentioned subjects.
    I hav studied 7 exactly and 3 more subjects are much related to the mentioned 1.. will ther be any chances of rejecting me coz of this??? plz reply me…

  29. Hello thnx for this bolg… i will surely help me.. i would to ask you that did you prepare anything before going to SSB..???

  30. U deserve that…
    I think ur good deeds when explained by other candidates in Conference … Proved that u must b d BEST…

    Ur passion for Army deserve a grand salute …
    Good Luck

  31. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I got some points which will help me in my interview.
    I have one question regarding medical test.
    I have a permanent tattoo in my right had near the wrist.
    I am scared that i might be rejected because of the tattoo that i have in wrist. Could you please clarify on this??


  32. on feb 25th i am goin to attend FSB for the first time. I had lots of doubts regarding the procedures.and your post was a real help for me. Further I had a gall bladder operation 5 yrs back. Was a bit worried for that, but now I hink its nt at all a matter. Thank you for enhancing my morale. If possible continue with some more points for cracking the AFSB….waiting for your next post..!!

  33. On 25th Feb, I am going to appear my first ever AFSB. Your post over here has been of immense help as I was having lots of doubts regarding the same and which I was unable to get from anywhere else. To add up I had a gall bladder operation 5 years back and for that I was a bit worried. But after reading your blog I think I am relaxed now.
    Thanking you for your details regarding SSB, and hope I will be able to get some more of these confidence building materials in the coming days.

  34. Kudos to u… Hope u r enjoying your service with army… tell us about your experience in Training at OTA… I’ve also cleared my ssb at 18 SSB ALD… # Hope u r still using this blog..!!

  35. ur blog enhance my confidence level …me just graduate now…………having strong desire to be an officer in armed forces..

  36. hi.on 6th of may i am going to appear for my airforce ssb in mysore.i am really confused about the psychology test.i just wanted to enquire dat can we write open sentences in if the word is think,can we write think clear and act fast.or if the word is heritage,can we write protect natural heritage..i am really confused.on many sites i have read that we should not write sentences that preach.plz help

  37. Hello madam. Hw r u? I just wanted to know if we can wear trouser and shrt or a saree during our interview. And what costume are we supposed to wear during ground tasks?

  38. really . . .a wonderful experience u told . . .i also want to join defence . . .now i am enrolled as non commisioned . . . .trying 4 commision . . .thanks

  39. First of all I congratulate you for getting into OTA. Although, I came across your blog a bit late, but anyways….there are certain things which I observed and felt strongly for it. I shall mention my observations point-wise:
    Firstly, why are you so obsessed with being a Rajput girl? Has it given you some advantage in SSB? If people constantly harp upon
    their origin as a distinguishing factor rather than their innate sense of humanity, I fear that deep rooted casteism shall never leave the Indian soil.
    Secondly, I perceived that it was not your experience which you were sharing. But, a summary of the events which I guess every person going to appear for the SSB first time would definitely know, as it is mentioned in the call-up letter. In the guise of sharing experience you have bragged about your “being lucky” to get screened-in and recommended. Some observations regarding the tests or your experiences with the officer’s evaluating would have helped more. (If that was your intent in the first place)
    Thirdly, I read in one of your replies to a comment you talked about having good communication skills to some person. Now, isn’t it obvious…..having good communication! But, I am mentioning it because at some places in your blog you have used wrong grammar and wrong spelling. (What’s the rush, if that’s your only excuse.)
    Fourthly, it is my personal opinion- that is the most un-fittest blog to be called an “experience of SSB”. It is highly filled with notions of self appraisal and estimation, which I feel is justified as you are in top 7. (A big deal, I know.)

    1. First of thanxzzz yash for ur valuable comments..n sec if u are nt able to mk it in ur lyf plzz stop being jealous,,;)dat i can see:)anyways dat is ur problem??no one is perfect so m i:)i wrote dis blog so dat ppl can get a fair idea abt ssb,.if u dnt wanna read ur wish,keep ur fuking comments in ur mind,good luck

  40. hello didi

    i am aananth . i am gonna appear for ssb 10+2 tes entry at bangalore on 7th sept .. its was nice to hear ur success story… this s my third attempt … i really appreciate for writing a blog to make other cadets aware of ssb.. hope u have been commisioned .. congrats.. hope soon i ll also join in ur family of INDIAN ARMED FORCES.. keep bloggin and inspire young minds.. i wish i could get a reply from u..

  41. Thanks Lt. Anita.. the way you guided us was great.. I am going to attend my first army SSB on Nov in Bhopal.. I am a software engineer working with TCS, can I mention this in my interview or hide this… and what kind of physical activities are given to girls.. cos I am not good at rope climbing and all… please help..

  42. thanku maam , ur experince filled me with a great refreshment , i shall be thankful to u …. thanks once again ,, wish u a great life

  43. hi.. read ur blog.. simply awwesmm… ๐Ÿ™‚
    can u plz tell me what we have to do prior to the ssb.
    i.e. what exam we have to appear in?

  44. Great Job Many Congratulation,But Mam Its 60 Situation in 30 min not 120 ,May b Typing Mistake Best Of Luck For Ur Future Life, Gud Luck (Y) ,

  45. Dear Rajput girl,

    My son also has encountered the same problem of gall bladder stone while under going medical in PSB of Indian coast guard and he has been temporarily unfit.

    He immediately undergone surgery (Within three of declaring Temp Rejection).and gave appeal.

    When he appeared before Appeal medical Board after 12 days of surgery, they said that gall bladder removal makes 8 week unfit from the date of Surgery. So he has to go for Medical Review Board.

    But Problem is that Coast Guard will prepare the merit list stating that the selection procedure is already delayed.

    Is my son eligible to get sufficient time to become fit and to get through the Med review Board ?

    My Son is so desperate Please Guide Me so that I can Pacify him..

  46. Dear Rajput girl,

    My son also has encountered the same problem of gall bladder stone while under going medical in PSB of Indian coast guard and he has been temporarily unfit.

    He immediately undergone surgery (Within three of declaring Temp Rejection).and gave appeal.

    When he appeared before Appeal medical Board after 12 days of surgery, they said that gall bladder removal makes 8 week unfit from the date of Surgery. So he has to go for Medical Review Board.

    But Problem is that Coast Guard will prepare the merit list stating that the selection procedure is already delayed.

    Is my son eligible to get sufficient time to become fit and to get through the Med review Board ?

    My Son is so desperate Please Guide Me so that I can Pacify him

    1. Hello sir..,wtevr is d last date of med review board pls tell ur son to report before dat n it will b all fyn..i went for my med approx after one month only…so no prblm i guess..all d best ..i knw it will b allryt

  47. Dear Rajput Girl.

    Thanks a lot for your kind and quick response. This will definitely generate enthusiasm in my son. I will send your reply to him thru email.


  48. Hello mam,
    i just want to know is it necessary to bring online application form in ssb intervw as i lost it.
    Whats their criteria for vision as i am myopic.

  49. Hello madam
    This is rajnish from delhi… I have been to ssb 5 times..2 times screened out and 3 times conferenced out.. Evrtym i get rejected, i come back home and try to introspect as to what went wrong but i fail to reach any conclusion…. I wud request u too kindly clarify some of the doubts that i have..n
    1. Had u prepared for psychology ? If yes, how ?
    2. Please guie me with the DOs and nhsgDONTs of GTO series tests.
    3. How shud i prepare for the interview?
    My father is a retd armyman… Keping this in mind. Ahud i prepare

  50. Due to some problem in my fone i was not able to complt my query.. Sorrry for dat..
    Madam i was saying that my father is a retd army man so keeping this in mind , shud i prepare something xtra ?
    Plz help me thru this ma’m coz joining the army is not only my dream but my family also is very emotionally connected to army… Eagerly waitin forhd ur reply as i have to leave for Allahabad on 30 of this month….
    Thank u
    Rajnish kumar singh

  51. Mam,

    My daughter has been recommended n she is confident that sheโ€˜ll be in the merit list. I wanted to enquire about the communication services available in OTA. Are mobile phones allowed there? As she is the only family member i have, m scared of losing touch with her.

  52. hi miss,

    first of all congrats for getting selected..acutally i have just applied in AEC batch as i ahve just completed my MA in English from Manav Bharti University with 68%..with this % i suppose i should get a call …I just want to know does Army recoganise Mnanav Bharti University…..this is my last chance as i will turn 27 on this Aug..pls reply me soon…..CHEERS

  53. My whole family is from Army fiancee is also a Army it means a lot to me as it is my last chance…can you confirm and tell me about that University…..would be very great full to you

  54. Jai hind …’am I have completed my graduation with English and Functional English subject and got 71% I have also done NCC “c” certificate And got ‘B’ on that certificate….the same percentage I have got in my intermediate…./.but ma’am Is there any problem for those who want to join defence must have science stream…..because i have completed my graduation and intermediate with Arts stream maam I want to join defence by hook or by crook…so please I need your suggestions….please suggest me….

  55. sir
    I have been called 4 the ssb in TGC 119. i m so happy to know that but at the same time i am thinking that shoul i go or not becoz of my stammering problem which occurs only when i feel nervous.
    plz give me som suggestion.

  56. Hellooo
    I read ur blog today.. it really boosted my morale.. I have been to allahabaad ssb last year in december . unfortunately i was conference out and dint make it. Your blog is really inspiring . I will be appearing for next ssb and i will definately make dis time.. Thankx .. God bless

  57. hello mam,
    I went Allahabad in this month, but screened out. and from my group, two of them made in last fifty.
    i have faced so much “Negativity” in my every aspect of life since second class. because of that i could not achieve something in sports even though I had potential but you know, our system,
    to achieve(to get selected for school representation) I have fought but in every fight , winner was already declared and this happened again while choosing of prefects, school captain, the selector chose only her class students in majority because of corruption, naukarshahi, when I stood again to give my life a restart in class 12,unfortunately i was on bed for half a year, rest of the year teachers did not supported me except one, to get back on track for board(cbse) but i studied late night, all the tym, as i said earlier , i never gave up, i scored decently in CBSe with 70 percent of knowledge, and but things didnt work me, then being in general category I could not make to good colleges but saddest thing was that my friend didnt help me(I helped them a lot literally, that’s y m mentioning complaint stuff) and went to college n took admission there, then I said to my self i must keep moving on,people are selfish, and i took a drop, I did nothing but study and when the time came , i took my entrance exam, my mind became totally blank, my hard work didnt paid.
    fortunately I got admission in lowest ranked clj through another entrance, but this clj dosnt offer any co curricular activity n being in evening shift i also never got time, but this is not all, there is much, buit they are actually complaints rather than betrayals, aur har kisi ki life mein sab kuch achha ni hota.
    in return of good thing i got bad thing, but i never stopped, continued to fight. but when i found i could not clear color vision test, life became just a single sentence..kitna bhi ladlu, natija toh pahle hi mere khilaf hai.
    u tell me, do i have it in me for being an army officer.
    (because after reading ur blog I did a mock interview with me, all of the stuff happened in my life is negative, because they won all the time, but i fought everytime , never gave up without fighting)
    and one thing i should mention to u,
    when I took aptitude test for air force on their website just to check whether i have a potential of being a pilot, the result literally was like this,”you are the one we are looking for, with very much good score” due to lack of knowledge i save the link instead of screen,
    then I decided to be pilot, I was never eligible for tests because of age criterion. but fortunately i still become an army officer in SSC through CDS n m happy with that.

  58. Hi

    Here I am Anil Kumar,

    My SSB is on Date 27th May 2014 and I am feeling very nice to attend because this is a first time every i am going to attend SSB.
    I want more tips as i want to crack this.
    You can mail me on my email id
    My email id is :

  59. Mam… I realy want to join indian defance… But i am little nervous.. That i am able for defance.

  60. hello mam,
    i must saY that u have sumthing diff in u dat u clear ssb in 1st attempt dat to in allahabad …..i have ssb interview in 4th of dis month ….m vry xcited n nervous too as dis is my first interview ….i hope i vl atleast clear all the round to get a clear vision abt the process n yes vry good blog

  61. hello mam,
    i just want to ask that i had lost my half of left hand little finger.actually i m right handed and want to know weather i m fit or not

  62. hats off…!!
    mam very inspiring and also valuable post.
    going to help all.. who will be appearing for ssb interviews.

  63. hi,Lt rajputgirl.mam i am a simple graduate in scince(general want to know will it be a problem for conference out
    or not selected?plz plz plz tell me?i really want to know.another problem is that i am not so much good in hindi is a secon problem and can i display my view in hindi?is linguastic problem is a big problem?pls inform me?

  64. i have cleared ssb and have medical after 2 months my eyesight no is -4.0 this number is accepted for ground duty branch in airforce..if no does they give time to correct it by lasik and then take medical again..does this is the case of temporary unfit

  65. This is really an inspirational blog posted by you from which candidates like us who are going to face ssb interview will be very confident to crack the ssb interview.

  66. Thnq mam for sharing your golden period experince it is going to help me alot. I will try my best to achive such a membrable experience.
    Jai hind

  67. hii..i hv my ssb intrview on 6th dec at allahabad..after reading this i have got a lot of confidence..but one thing i would like to ask that as i have no any ncc certificate and i have also not been a part of sports activities due to lack of is there any problem in ssb interview…….please reply……..

  68. Hello Maam,firstly thnks a lot for this inspirational blog,it is really helping a lot to all the defence aspirants,we all owe u.
    i have applied for flying brnch(IAF) . i am quite positive about ssb and also preparing a lot,i have a query-i have got self mutilated scars of blade cut marks on my hand which i did whn i was in std 6 due to teenage stupidities,i feel guilty for this.
    please can u assist me whether it can be a cause for rejection or not or will i be declared mentally unfit?
    Eagerly waitng for yr repl maam.

  69. hey ,
    its really awesome to read a girl blog out of so many boys’.
    first of all thank u so much for the lovely experience u shared with u…and it is really inspiring cause i am going to face it on march of 9th.2015
    and sec i have a query to ask there any problem for girls in 5 days SSB?
    my some uncle is telling me again n again..that its not safe for girls to be into 5 days SSB?
    please i need a quick help.
    thank you.
    waiting for fast reply.

  70. iam attending ssb on 22nd Dec 2014 hopefully I will make it count just please help me out that is it we need to carry the mark list of each and every semester else it will be OK with combined marks memo

  71. maam..dat ws thrllng alng wth insipiratnal.. Its 2015 bt one cn feel dat thrill yu faced .. Wil try to face d same.. Thnxx fr sharing yur experinc .

  72. Good evening maam.thank u vry much for ur inspirationL blog. Maam i want to know the clothing for the ssb. And what all to pack in our bags.

  73. good evening ma’am it was inspirational and motivational blog i too attended 21 SSB board Bhopal 2015 it was filled up and piled up with lot of experiences. i was conference out but i decided that again again i will compete and fight back …..but i m scared about command task. previously i was unconscious in my command task and in conference our president ensured me indirectly that iam weak in command task please give me some tips for to improve it.

  74. Hello Maam,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences at SSB.
    I have been short listed for interview in technical post in June.
    I have a long sight of 2 and as per call letter they say its not an eligibility criterion. But in notification it was told that sight more than 3.5 is not accepted. Please would you confirm regarding the same. Also is the screening test n day 1 very tough? Is it enough if we go through SSB book for that?

    Looking forward for your kind reply.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hey there,,,
      As I was an army candidate m not very clear abt eye sight issues,,,
      Trust me nothing is tough,,go with a open heart n mind…u will get thru,,,njy n all d best
      C ya soon in unifrom

  75. I do not have achievements in sports, however i am active in cultural events at my college and have been at my school too. Will it be a matter of concern knowing the importance of sports at ssb?

  76. Hey..ur SSB experience was successfuls…congrats for dat..and thnku for sharing..wud u plz tell me what happnd to those girls who werent nt medically fit ?
    N only 1girl got selected? Jst 1 ?

  77. rly enjoyed reading ur experience mam, but i have a few doubts, on the medical test pdf something regarding porous teeth was written which i didn’t understand, and i have knocked knee, but as i was into sports in my teenage so running z not a problem to me, still will it be a prblm in med test, how many grls r there in one batch ? going to attend ssb intervw on dec, It will be really helpful if u reply

  78. Anita,thnkz for the info u shared abv with is rely helpful…bt anita…in defence there are so less no of seats for girls…lyk i m so afraid dat how ll it work..rely scared..plz help

  79. Is there any relaxation for the personal obstacles or snake race for climbing of wall is concerned for women??? Plzz reply for the group tasks for women!!

  80. mam,it was very inspiring.m.going for ma ssctechw on 9 dec.its ma first attempt n.I want to do it in ma first attempt…but lots of thing going through ma mind………I just wanted to know….that first day n during interview wat to wear…..give me some tips for ppht of screening process……..

  81. i have a doubt regarding this ssb interview ,can any one please explain at the time of medical testing they will check whether girl is virgin or not????
    please give me rly for this

  82. Hello
    Anita ji , I am prem kumar today I got the call letter for ssb interview in alahabad east centre for OTA, I am an Electrical Engineer , so plz suggest me how to prepare for it ,i hv less time it will gng to conduct on june 10, I read ur experience it will very helpful for us to attend this interview, but for short time of span how could prepare my self. My english is weak so hw could improve my english.
    Thank you ,And heartiest Congratulation.

  83. as I have read yor blogging I got much inspired after reading it it would be great pleasure to hear after your succes in ssb as you mentioned in above of your story regading facing rigorous interview and Gd were they asking you ever about current affairs or discussing about it ? have they rejected those people who having not a lot knowledge about current affairs and appreciate your effort which you have taken for others your experince it might be helpfull for new aspirants to get through ssb mine also thanks once again……..

  84. as I have read yor blogging I got much inspired after reading it it would be great pleasure to hear after your succes in ssb as you mentioned in above of your story regading facing rigorous interview and Gd were they asking you ever about current affairs or discussing about it have they rejected those people who having not a lot knowledge about current affairs and appreciate your effort which you have taken for others your experince it might be helpfull for new aspirants to get through ssb mine also thanks once again……..

  85. Hi Anita (ma’am),

    I am recommended for IMA in April ’16. I was declared unfit due to gallstone. I operated and got it removed by laproscopy. Now my question is, till what time am I unfit according to rules? Some say 8 weeks, and some say 12 weeks. What was your experience?

    Using Facebook link in my name,so that you can message on FB if you don’t want to share it publicly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks in advance,
    Shivraj Gawde

  86. hello mam,
    i have one query . i am pursuing 7 sem . so can go for SSB that will be held in the month of december? please guide me im really not getting my answers from anywhere.

  87. Hello Anita ji ,
    My name is sampat singh rajput from Nagour (Rajasthan) .
    My question is English language necessary for ssb interview or Hindi se kam chal jata h

    In medical right hand little fingure have different from right hand little fingure

  88. Hi Anita I am Ashish Makharia from Kolkata. Thank you for your kind and very valuable input on TA. I have applied for this year’s July 31 exam of PIB. Can you share your email I’d as I want to ask specific questions based on queries I feel if it’s alright with you. Request you to send me a Test mail at below E-mail
    My last name dot first name
    Hope you would decipher id. Thanks once again.

  89. it was really helpful artical, i am 2 time conference out candidate
    please help me by checking out the pshyco story
    (one boy shaking hand with a man in army dress)
    one day anil come know from his father that his unit is going to celeberate raising day which contain many competition,programs and dinner party. therefore anil also decided to take part in compitition and finally he put his name in drawing comp and start preparing well for that.on the day of comp he make a good pic on women empowerment and when result annouce he got second position and get a drawing kit from chairman of the occasion. after he enjoys other programs and also take dinner with his family and friend. it was really unforgetable moment for him

    please check it out becoz ssb call is near

  90. good evening ma’am……
    is there any problem if a girl want to join army and have lost her virginity????
    reply me as quick as possible. plzz

  91. Congratulationsssssss you hv a Very good luck……. or we cn say bhut achi kismt that u clear OTA exm nd then u crack SSB !!!!! I really wish to be thr Very Soon

  92. I am going for my SSB soon… so this one is quite inspirational.. interesting, filled with enthusiasm.. thank you for writting this blog for aapirants like me .

  93. Hello Mam

    Really a very motivating experience you shared. Can you please help me with one question that i have in my mind.
    I am an in final of ECE and i have heard that students can directly go for SSB without any CDS entrance exam. Is it true? Can i directly apply for SSB interview without any exam .PLEASE REPLY AT THE EARLIEST.

      1. One more last question –
        I have knocked knees .Can it be a reason for my rejection . I want to know this so that accordingly I can plan things. If it is regarded as a major issue then i should move away fro my dream . PLease reply for my last query asap.

      2. Yes knock knee is an issue but why r u thinking u have knock kness ,,they have specific angles for it ,,,u go for it ,,dnt move away ,,moreover chk on net remedial measures to improve knock knees ,even my husband was told that he has knock knees but when he went for ssb medical he had no such issues !!! So just go for it whole hearted !! All d best ! Rock

  94. Hi ,
    Your blog is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have a doubt ,my SSC-NT and SSC-T SSB dates are clashing with each other,
    In SSC -NT(CDS-Entry) I have an option of attending Absentee Batch,
    please let me know what proof I need to show to attend Absentee Batch.
    And is there any disadvantage of attending Absentee Batch ?

  95. Today I have read ur blog and it was very inspiring. Congratulations
    in formal dress is it compersly to wear paint and shirt . can girls wear suit . . as you say that you wear
    suit then what kind of footwear is best with suit .

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